Saturday, 28 March 2015

Photo Challenge Week 9-12

I have been lacking in updating my photo challenge each week, so here is the last 4 weeks worth.
Week 9- Self-Portrait ( Not for the faint hearted)

This is a very interesting self-portrait as I used a face pack my parents brought back for me from New Zealand. It left my skin feeling amazing!
Week 10- 11.30Am
Okay so this should have been  10am but I was still in bed on the day I took it! So instead it is 11.30. I took a little trip down to Kings Road my mums old haunt when she was younger.
Week 11- Spring Fever
Spring is in the air, it is still a little chilly but the weather has been lovely apart from a little rain here and there. But blossoms are always lovely to see at the start of the Spring.
Week 12- Green
Green was a little difficult, I guess I should have done something related to St Patricks Day that week but I'm not at all fussed with this day. I did come across an interesting green plant. Here is the little update so far of the challenge and I will try and keep it more updated.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Massage and Mocktails

As the title suggests today I had a nice little massage with a mocktail at Wholefoods store in High Street Kensington and also took my nan along. Now I know sounds like a random location to have a massage but this was for the launch of a brand called Cowshed. 

Cowshed has been around since 1998, and was first started in you've guessed it a Cow Shed in Somerset. They are a British brand company which is good news as it is always good to support British products. Even though the names of their products are playful, they do have serious formulations behind them. There to help enhance your mood. All their products are honest and natural made from organic, wildcrafted and fairly-traded plant extracts and essential oils and most importantly all is British! (Oh and Vegetarian Friendly)
Out of the three products we had to choose from I went for Grump Cow. Fitting name right? This is an uplifting smell of essential oils of red mandarin, bitter orange and grapefruit. Firstly she put some essential oil of grumpy cow onto my nails followed by the body lotion on my forearm and hand cream on obviously the hands. I have never actually had a massage before and even though this was just on my arms and hands I found it so relaxing and therapeutic. I might have to start having a massage more often! 
Along with the massage I had a mocktail to compliment the Grumpy Cow series. It was a bitter orange with a hint of grapefruit juice followed by a little punch of ginger and other ingredients I can not actually remember. But it complimented my massage really well and all I could smell was the orange and grapefruit. 
After this little half and hour massage I might actually consider visiting one of their spas in London. I did end up picking myself up a little something well two things actually. I picked up the body lotion for myself and the candle which has been put away by my nan for my birthday, but I can not wait to burn it and make my room smell orangy! Another thing I would like to put is the packaging is lovely and simple and i feel it represents the British countryside even if it is simple silhouettes. 
If you would like to learn more about Cowshed and see the spas 
just follow the link:-  Cowshed

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Harrods Windows

On my way to work in another Starbucks Store early in the morning on Thursday, my bus drove past the Harrods windows. I have never really been overly fussed about their windows apart from some Disney ones a few years back at Christmas. Well on this day, they were again Disney themed and you know how much I LOVE Disney! The windows are inspired by the new debut of the live action Cinderella film coming out next weekend. Each window represents an iconic scene from Cinderella, including the glass slipper. 

The windows are not only a magical spectacle for adults and children, but for any fashionista who loves shoes! I am not really a big fan of shoes but Disney and Harrods has teamed up with well known fashioned designers to create a magical collection for all us wannabe Disney princesses. 
If I knew about the windows before hand I would have photographed them at night then there would have been less traffic and less of a reflection, but these photos still capture the magical wonder of both Disney and Cinderella.
When you look at the dress closely there is a lot of detail. Very Magical!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Southbank Vintage Car Show

Over the weekend there happened to be a vintage Car Show event hosted on Southbank, London. This was something similar I went to a good couple of years back which you can check out: Vintage at Southbank 2011. Anyway, back to this little vintage event. The weather was not brilliant but the atmosphere was lovely! Everyone smiling having a good time looking at all the vintage style cars along with doing a little bit of shopping.

I must say I think I have found my dream car! It was a gorgeous colour
Photo courtesy of my Nan
My Nan actually took this photo for me for this blog as I always seem to have to do selfies and I never feel or look brilliant in them plus the car need pride and place. There was some fun entertainment by two young guys around by the food area, in which we had cheese and marmite crumpets which were amazing. The little group caused quite a stir from the crowd who began joining in with their musical lyrics from the 40s and early 50s. I bet they have some youtube videos so go check them out.
The Carradine's Cockney Sing a long
I did not buy much for myself really apart from yet another headscarf! I know how many more do I need! But I just love the versatility of them and the patterns. Here is just a couple more photos from the event.
Two of my favorite shots from the event plus the gorgeous colour of my dream car unedited
Engine photograph for the men out there

And last but not least I just have to put up this photograph of my nan. It is a lovely picture of her with the London eye in the background. She will probably kill me though for putting it up.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Nans 78th Birthday yesterday

Firstly I will say I am sorry for the lack of updates I have been really busy these last couple of weeks but all should be back to normal now.
To continue for my post this week it is my Nans birthday so happy Birthday to her. I brought he a couple of things to open and then treated her to afternoon tea at fortnum and Masons, one of her favourite places to go. We both had a glass of wine and a duo of scones with jam and clotted cream.

After this which I didn't expect they sang to my nan happy birthday! I know I mentioned it but didn't expect anything and all the waiters kept coming over the talk to her.

My nan is very special to me. She has always been there for me when I need her most. She is loving, kind and funny. She's more than just family she is my best friend along with my mother. I hope she has had a wonderful birthday.