Saturday, 21 March 2015

Harrods Windows

On my way to work in another Starbucks Store early in the morning on Thursday, my bus drove past the Harrods windows. I have never really been overly fussed about their windows apart from some Disney ones a few years back at Christmas. Well on this day, they were again Disney themed and you know how much I LOVE Disney! The windows are inspired by the new debut of the live action Cinderella film coming out next weekend. Each window represents an iconic scene from Cinderella, including the glass slipper. 

The windows are not only a magical spectacle for adults and children, but for any fashionista who loves shoes! I am not really a big fan of shoes but Disney and Harrods has teamed up with well known fashioned designers to create a magical collection for all us wannabe Disney princesses. 
If I knew about the windows before hand I would have photographed them at night then there would have been less traffic and less of a reflection, but these photos still capture the magical wonder of both Disney and Cinderella.
When you look at the dress closely there is a lot of detail. Very Magical!

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