Friday, 27 March 2015

Massage and Mocktails

As the title suggests today I had a nice little massage with a mocktail at Wholefoods store in High Street Kensington and also took my nan along. Now I know sounds like a random location to have a massage but this was for the launch of a brand called Cowshed. 

Cowshed has been around since 1998, and was first started in you've guessed it a Cow Shed in Somerset. They are a British brand company which is good news as it is always good to support British products. Even though the names of their products are playful, they do have serious formulations behind them. There to help enhance your mood. All their products are honest and natural made from organic, wildcrafted and fairly-traded plant extracts and essential oils and most importantly all is British! (Oh and Vegetarian Friendly)
Out of the three products we had to choose from I went for Grump Cow. Fitting name right? This is an uplifting smell of essential oils of red mandarin, bitter orange and grapefruit. Firstly she put some essential oil of grumpy cow onto my nails followed by the body lotion on my forearm and hand cream on obviously the hands. I have never actually had a massage before and even though this was just on my arms and hands I found it so relaxing and therapeutic. I might have to start having a massage more often! 
Along with the massage I had a mocktail to compliment the Grumpy Cow series. It was a bitter orange with a hint of grapefruit juice followed by a little punch of ginger and other ingredients I can not actually remember. But it complimented my massage really well and all I could smell was the orange and grapefruit. 
After this little half and hour massage I might actually consider visiting one of their spas in London. I did end up picking myself up a little something well two things actually. I picked up the body lotion for myself and the candle which has been put away by my nan for my birthday, but I can not wait to burn it and make my room smell orangy! Another thing I would like to put is the packaging is lovely and simple and i feel it represents the British countryside even if it is simple silhouettes. 
If you would like to learn more about Cowshed and see the spas 
just follow the link:-  Cowshed

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