Saturday, 28 March 2015

Photo Challenge Week 9-12

I have been lacking in updating my photo challenge each week, so here is the last 4 weeks worth.
Week 9- Self-Portrait ( Not for the faint hearted)

This is a very interesting self-portrait as I used a face pack my parents brought back for me from New Zealand. It left my skin feeling amazing!
Week 10- 11.30Am
Okay so this should have been  10am but I was still in bed on the day I took it! So instead it is 11.30. I took a little trip down to Kings Road my mums old haunt when she was younger.
Week 11- Spring Fever
Spring is in the air, it is still a little chilly but the weather has been lovely apart from a little rain here and there. But blossoms are always lovely to see at the start of the Spring.
Week 12- Green
Green was a little difficult, I guess I should have done something related to St Patricks Day that week but I'm not at all fussed with this day. I did come across an interesting green plant. Here is the little update so far of the challenge and I will try and keep it more updated.

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