Tuesday, 28 June 2016

World of Butterflies @ the British Museum

Been meaning to talk about this lovely exhibition I went to near the beginning of June. Usually you have to pay for this but I managed to get two free tickets to any exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London. I have been to something similar to this but it was quite a long time ago and it was nice to take my SLR Camera. Here is just some of the amazing colours and closeups of the butterflies

Such amazing Colours

Two HUGE caterpillars

 At the beginning of me and Neil going in I made a friend quite quickly who did not want to leave my side until the very end! You could say he was my personal guide to the butterflies.

The dress I am wearing is one of my favourites from Collectif Clothing Summer 2015 collection. Here is just a little action shot Neil took of me.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Hampton Court

The weather on Sunday was lovely, 26 degrees! Me and Neil did not really have anything planned to enjoy the sunshine, so as a last minute decision we went to Hampton Court for a little stroll around the gardens. I can not remember the last time I went to Hampton Court but I know it was before my teenage years. There was plenty of people around enjoying picnics out in the summer sunshine; I wish we thought of that. We took a stroll through what is called the Kitchen Gardens, the flowers was just stunning and very brightly coloured.

We came across a little archway of yellow flowers. I fell in love and was almost a nice little escape from the outside.

We plan to go again but next time, if I am up for it, we will take the bikes and cycle from Richmond Park. Did I say I have taken up cycling? I blame Neil for that has he loves his bikes and enjoys a cycle ride.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Little Road Trip to Hastings

Last weekend was one of the hottest weekends so far of the year. With it being such lovely weather, me and Neil decided to take a little road trip to the coast, Instead of going for the usual Brighton we decided to go somewhere we both had never been before; Hastings.

The weather started a little gloomy to begin with so we decided on taking a little ride on the pedelo and having a little fun in the arcades. The sun eventually appeared and we then sat on the cobble beach with a portion of chips and enjoyed a crazy flavoured ice-cream.

As the sun was looking to stay instead of hiding behind the clouds we took a walk along the seafront and dipped are feet in the not so very warm ocean. It was freezing! As much as we are both not a couple to do the usual romantics we both enjoyed are little walk.

Followed after are little walk and slight more of a chill in the air we continued to have a little game of crazy golf. I did not win but Neil tried his hand and doing the 'Lucky shot' in which we won a free game! It was getting late by this point so we decided we would visit Hastings again as we loved it. We will enjoy are free game of crazy golf and maybe even go visit the battle field.