Tuesday, 28 June 2016

World of Butterflies @ the British Museum

Been meaning to talk about this lovely exhibition I went to near the beginning of June. Usually you have to pay for this but I managed to get two free tickets to any exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London. I have been to something similar to this but it was quite a long time ago and it was nice to take my SLR Camera. Here is just some of the amazing colours and closeups of the butterflies

Such amazing Colours

Two HUGE caterpillars

 At the beginning of me and Neil going in I made a friend quite quickly who did not want to leave my side until the very end! You could say he was my personal guide to the butterflies.

The dress I am wearing is one of my favourites from Collectif Clothing Summer 2015 collection. Here is just a little action shot Neil took of me.

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