Friday, 17 July 2015


OH NO! I have been neglecting the blog recently and am behind on my photo challenges! Well just to keep people update I am still busy planning some ideas for my own photography. I did do a fun little shoot with my friend around a month ago.

You can check more of this series on my website: 

I have recently had some photos of myself taken as well sporting a pencil skirt for a change and I will say I do look good it in!

Dolores White Top (Collectif)
Pencil Skirt (Collectif)
Shoes (Agnes and Norman)

I have been out socializing and making some new friends, having picnics in the sunshine on Primrose Hill, building lego robots, enjoying blue cocktails and having some chin chin ice-cream!  And I have been forgetting to blog about it all! My life is now longer resolved around being a barista anymore due to all the fun things I have been doing and can not wait to share with everyone!

 I have been thinking of some ideas for the blog as well. I intentionally wanted to be more personal blog, a diary you could say, but I would like to try and make it more a lifestyle blog. Stuff to do with me and the goings on of my life, as well as some weekly recurrences (hopefully picking up on the photo challenge stuff) and maybe even the odd outfit pictures with a couple other bits and bobs.
The blog at the moment is still currently a working progress.

More is definitely to come soon!
Have fun everyone 

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