Monday, 8 June 2015

Trip to the V&A

On my day of last week and with lack of money I decided to go to the V&A. I didn't go see the current exhibition 'Savage Beauty' by Alexander McQueen as I am not really a fashionista person I love my vintage 50s Rock 'n' Roll!

I had a little wander around as it has been ages since I have visited. Well I went in October but that day was just for Horst exhibition they had on. I did not realise they actually had a little exhibition of fashion through the decades in which I came across a coral Christian Dior dress and some lovely 18th Century fabric. (Can you spot me photobombing my own pictures?)

While I was there I did have a little bite to eat in their cafe their. They have a wide variety of food from simple cream tea to hot meals. I had a falafal wrap (I have been into my mezze food a lot recently) which was very yummy with my chickpea salad and homemade lemonade. I didn't realise until before I was leaving for the exit, that there was a free exhibition happening called 'What is Luxury?' This exhibition was very interesting each item dedicated towards a single word. My favourite has to be the 'Fragile Future Concrete Chandelier' by Studio Drift. Dandelion seed heads were harvested before opening into ‘clocks’ and individually applied to LED lights on a metal frame around each light hanging like a chandelier. A item of natural vs man-made (reminds me of a old GCSE product title) This exhibition is a definite must see its free as well and will end 27th September.

After my visit I did pop to South Kensington and picked myself up a bubble tea. I love them and had yet to have one since moving to London! I had my usual Lycee with tapioca pearls. A definite must try.

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