Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pedicure time!

 I am no longer a pedicure Virgin!  After putting so much pressure on my feet because of my job and the fact I walk a lot I thought it would be time to treat me and my feet to a much needed pedicure with a foot massage.

Since moving to London I don't really know of many good beauty salons or have had any recommendations from anyone. Just before Christmas a new salon opened in Fulham Broadway called Images, so thought I would give it a go.
It set with tonal colours of golds and browns and has a calm relaxing atmosphere. The lady who did my feet was lovely as well. We had a little chat while finding out I have very very ticklish feet!
My feet look tanned but just a photo effect

The colour for my nails I ended up chosing was a mint green colour very similar to the cardigan I brought recently. If I am correct the nail polish is from OPI recently new collection. The one I decided to use is called that's hula-rious. Defiently in this season.

This pedicure was lovely and was defiantly worth it. U do highly recommend Images in fulham broadway fo any of my friends. I might have to start treating me and my toes to this once a month.

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