Monday, 11 May 2015

Lino Printing

I have been meaning to blog about this and have just been forgetting to! I am one terrible blogger! A couple of weeks ago I went to the same place, (Drink Shop, Do) were I did my pom pom rug making and thought I would give it a go at trying lino printing. Lino Printing is very simple and easy to do all you need is a creative mind. I decided to opt for something in relation to Peter Pan, I think this might have been because I was watching series 3 of Once Upon a Time were Peter is evil, plus I was in a fairytale kind of mood. I chose to draw him in his Indian head wear. I won't lie it was tricky to write backwards but I have had plenty of experience from drawing on windows for work.

The method was easy and very simple. All that was needed to be done was draw out the design and trace onto your lino block using tracing paper. You then took the lino cutting tool and cut away the sections you did not want to be printed which again was very easy. There was a selection of papers to choose from in which to print your design. I printed on a variety of papers such as oriental, book pages, sugar paper but decided that black seemed to work brilliantly for my design.

I loved doing the lino printing, that I have even brought some blocks myself to do more at home. I just need to buy the paints. I have enjoyed going to these classes as not only am I being creative again in different ways but I can have a chance to socialize with others.  

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