Saturday, 2 May 2015

London Coffee Festival 2015

Thursday I was working at the London Coffee Festival for Starbucks. And all I can say is wow! It was such an amazing day and it was great to be apart of it. I worked on the Thursday during the trade event, in which I arrived early to view the rest of the show and get a few freebie samples. 
Even though I saw plans for the Starbucks stand I never expected it to be how it turned out. It was brilliant and really stood out from a lot of the other stands in the show. The stand was inspired by the new Starbucks Roastery that just opened in Seattle last year. 

There was different 'stations' on the Starbucks stand were guests could try samples of new Starbucks coffee innervation, having a chance at creating latte art and even getting a free 50g bag of our specialty reserve coffee particularly the No 11 reserve blend that can only be brought in the states. I will try and do a blog post on this blend soon. But I wish I could buy a bag myself as it was lovely and very sweet. 

I began working on the Cold Brew station, which is a simple iced cold coffee but brewed in a different way. We used the Colombia Montebonito which is a medium roast coffee from Latin America. Grown on the steep mountainsides of the Andean mountain this particular coffee has a unique complexity, floral undertones and a distinctive character. The brewing of this coffee via Cold Brew method brings out the distinctive flavours of the bittersweet chocolate with the herbal undertones of the coffee bean.You can compliment the cold brew with milk or a demura sugar syrup but I think it was perfect on its own. 

I was mostly on the cold brew station but I got a chance to try everything including the new coffee machine we brought in for the event. I had so much fun at this event and met a lot of new people, I would definitely consider doing it again next year. 

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