Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pom Pom Rug Making

Since moving to London, I have yet had a chance to go out and socialise with others outside of work. When my mum visited over the Easter period she took me to a little store near kings cross station called Drink, Shop, Do. It has a quirky little shop with a vintagesque tea room up the stairs. A perfect little place to meet new people.

They also do crafty sessions, poetry, Lego robot making and lots of other little things. I decided to book myself in for the pom pom rug making! We got to choose 4 colours along with the size of pom pom we was looking to make. I decided on the small size because I could use it for wrapping gifts and many other things (we got to keep the maker). I decided on the theme of blue as that is the main feature colours of my room.

After the first one I made they was so quick and easy after that. They was easy to attach as well. I didn't managed to attach all the POM's or even make enough to fill a rug!

Since leaving the class I have attached and made a few more. I decided to add another colour though just to break up all the blues and make it pop a little

Before forget this beer is amazing. So sweet of honey with the slight taste of obviously alcohol!

Next class I have decided to sign up for is Linocutting tomorrow. Let's see how that works out.

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