Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Latte Art

Working at a Coffee Shop I get to practice a lot of latte art on customers drinks. I have worked for Starbucks for over a year and half and I worked in a previous independent coffee shop for just over a year so I have had plenty of practice but it is only recently that I have got back into it.
I did a competition at the beginning of last year in which I was trying to perfect a swan. This isn't my best one but you get the idea.
I like it but the milk is not right. Too much foam
Because the competition will fingers crossed be coming up again I have been constantly practicing to get the perfect latte milk, the creamy flat white milk along with a frothy cappuccino. The lat couple of days I have seen some of my best ones.
Heart (sorry about the shadow)

Leaf finished with a heart
The last one has to be my favorite that I have done so far and this was done on a hot chocolate. If anyone was wondering I taught myself how to do all the latte art I have done and I have found a variety of you tubes videos have helped with this along with seeking some inspiration from pinterest. Just look at these amazing Japanese ones wish I could do that!

I will continue my progress with the latte art and will keep you all updated if I enter the competition again or not this year. Fingers crossed I will get to go to Regional as I couldn't last year even if I did win my district.

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