Sunday, 11 January 2015

52 week photo challenge

I have decided to take up the 52 week photo challenge to keep my photography ideas flowing.  I would have done the daily but I just think there would not be enough time in the day for me to be doing this. I have already missed 2 weeks so I will try and do a catch up along with the next photo challenge. I will be, the  majority of the time,  be using my phone but it does have good quality camera.

I have looked over a couple of different challenges particularly through pinterest and came across this one that I believe I am able to do even if it does say 2012 themes we can imagine it is for this year.
If I remember I will post every Friday my photo for each challenge. This friday there will be 3 on the blog as I want to try and catch up. Have fun following my photos of the challenge and if you like join in and leave a link in the comments to your photos. 

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