Wednesday, 7 January 2015

First week of the New Year so far.

So much for trying to write a blog regularly, I am going to have to keep a diary and organize my blog around my work and photography life. Anyways from tomorrow it has officially been one week since the new year and the beginning of my new blog. On the 2nd January it was my dads birthday in which I brought him a new camera bag for his new camera and a book along with a handmade card as always.

I was not sure what to do for his card I always struggle, but my parents have been traveling a lot, particularly last year, and have more plans for this year so it only seemed fitting to have a travel themed birthday card. As well as it being my dads birthday that day it was my works Christmas party, in which much alcohol was consumed and lots of secret Santa gifts was given. I had a lovely gift, from a fellow colleague, wrapped lovingly in a Starbucks green apron. My gift was a book on Photography, well the history of photography which reminded me of my first year of University studying this particular subject. I shall thurely enjoy reading it.

During the rest of the week I treated myself to a little benefit makeup hall. I got given some gift vouchers for christmas in which both stores had Benefit makeup counters in; bonus! I only had to use £8 of my own money and I got all these items. Full size bottles as well!

Along with treating myself to a little benefit makeup hall, I treated my body to a healthy dinner yesterday. Working in High Street Kensington I have the perks of working not far from the Whole Foods store in which they have a lovely range of food. I decided on the deli counter in which I got myself a quinoa cake with some butternut squash and cranberries finished off with a salad.

So much colour on the plate, this beats my Jacket potato I'm having tonight!
I have so many plans for this blog that I am going to use a notebook along with a diary to help plan my days better with my quite busy schedule from now.  
Hope everyone's first week of the New Year as been a fun filled one!

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