Sunday, 9 August 2015

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Wednesday I was treated to a special gift from my parents for my birthday. I trip to wonderland to visit the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit. This was a very different performance set in the vaults under Waterloo station, an immersive theatre production. Before the performance begins it is recommended that you buy a 'cork' for the The Mad Hatters tea party. The beginning of the performance you are lead in to what seems a library and a photography dark room combined in which you see a mysterious girl, Alice, trapped in the mirror trying to talk and all of sudden you fall down the rabbit hole until you meet the White Rabbit and you can decide between either 'drink me' or 'eat me' Me and my mother decided drink me in which we drank a delicious drink from a bottle. I don't want to spoil the performance for anyone but what I will say once you have decided which choice to make you get given a SUIT in which you split up again. Me and my mother was split up but both experience something different within the different rooms so it was nice to talk about it all afterwards. But we did see each other again in the mad hatters tea party.

What I will say the trip to the Caterpillar was lovely, going through the mushroom field up the stairs into a little Moroccan style tent were the caterpillar was obviously smoking shisha. Going into the Mad Hatters tea party, was fun and interesting particular drinking an alcoholic drink out of a tea cup; this is what the cork is needed for. The  all of sudden we are shouted to court in which the mad hatter grabbed my hand and we ran! Ran as quickly as we could to the courtroom to see the Queen. Once in we had to find out who ate the tarts. In which the White Rabbit gave me the evidence given to him by the Diamonds. Hooray for Fraptious Day! We went to go celebrate in the bar, with some drinks and flamingo croquet.

The performance was brilliant and you get involved in the performance in little ways along with taking some souvenirs home as well. I would recommend to anyone and it is on until the end of August.

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