Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Upgrading the Diary

Last month I brought myself a diary so I could keep track of my blogging posts, work, appointments, birthdays and obviously anything photography related. I brought this lovely diary from paperchase and just loved the print automatically.

The diary at the start is a little bit boring as I didn't know really what I could do or use on all those big spaces on each day and then I though why not turn it into a little simple art journal/ doodles in relation to that day. Obviously I can't do everyday but if I can document a little bit of my life every now and again it would be nice to look back. I have plenty of patterned tape and washi tape and thought this would be perfect to separate out the months of the pages doing only at the beginning of the month and on page that has a special occasion. I then added a couple of stickers here and there just to brighten it up a little.

To remind me also every Monday I have stamped a camera and then wrote what each photography challenge is that week so fingers crossed this will help me to remind me I need to do this!

You never know depending how nice the page is I might even let you guys have a look, on the day of course

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