Saturday, 31 January 2015

A little trip to Fortnum and Masons

Today I had a day to myself and mostly spent the day in the lovely Fortnum and Masons. I went here to pick up a very special anniversary present for my parents which I can not say as they do read this blog, but I will post it on the day of them being married for 25years! 

Apart from just picking up a rather special present for them, I had lunch at The Fountain resturant. I have been her before for breakfast with my parents but this time I was on my own. There is nothing wrong with having a lunch on your own particularly here. The resturant is a lovely atmosphere with a central bar with a modern style chandelier in the middle. The staff are all lovely and one even commented on how he liked my vintage style when he brought me the bill.
I decided to have a pot of peppermint tea with a goats cheese and heritage beetroot salad. I have never had heritage beetroot before but it was so lovely, nice chunks of purple and white beetroot with thin orange slices underneath. ( Sorry not sure what the different terms are). I love my cheese and this was no exception for the goats cheese on the plate. It was so smooth and soft it would just melt on your mouth. I know its winter but it would be a lovely summer dish. 

 After my meal I went to pick up a few things for myself and then it was time to go out into the lovely rain. I stillsmell fortnums on my clothes as weird as this sounds but it reminds me of the time we went to Disneyland and stay in the Disneyland hotel for my mums birthday.

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