Thursday, 12 February 2015

Little Catch up on my Photography Challenge.

Okay so I haven't been brilliant with keeping up to dates with this so here is the last two weeks I am missing.

Week 4- What inspires me: Well this was quite easy but I could not think of a way to photograph it apart from just photographing my books and I have the photographers work. Both Horst and Tim Walker are what inspired me to become a photographer in the first place. I just loved Horst surreal style and then the quirky whimsical style of Tim Walkers work. Both from different eras but I feel they have similarities.

Week 5- Sweet/Hearts: Okay, so this will be my first year without a Valentine, sad I know right. Anyways I saw these adorable dozen heart shaped biscuits and knew they would be perfect. Better than my original idea which was just to get a packed of the sweetheart sweets and photographing them.

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