Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dress Making

Okay this might be partly to do with the fact that The Great British Sewing Bee has started but I thought I would give it  ago at dress making again. I have made plenty of skirts in the past and one dress a couple of years ago that I don't feel turned out to well but I'll put a picture up of it anyway. (Just found I don't actually have a picture of the final dress but here is the top half)

I thought I would venture again into the world of dress making as seen as a I have at least 4m of Vintage fabric I have had for a few years and have never done anything with! Maybe partly because I was too scared to cut it! I was looking for a vintage pattern but came across this one in a New Look book and thought it was quite late 40s early 50s in style. It reminded me of a vintage dress I already own. 

I'm not going to lie but the dress looks very ill fitted on the model so hopefully I can make mine a little more fitted. Plus the fabric I have will go perfect. Along with the little extras I brought when I was at home. So far I have attached the bodice to the gathered skirt and I am not going to lie my gathers are not really even but it is all a learning experience.

I will post a picture when it is done, I might try and get my friend to help me out on that one though. 

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