Monday, 26 January 2015

Keeping fit

Well today I have officially joined a gym and have gone for an induction today. This is the start of my keeping fit regime I want to start doing. I have a couple of goals I would like to achieve and that is to tone up and loose a little bit of extra gained weight that has appeared over the last couple of years. I blame the fact of too much junk food and letting myself go with my ex. I did use to do pole and burlesque dancing classes before I moved to London but I did that more out of enjoyment then exercise.

This will be a new start for me as I have NEVER been to the gym and I am not really the most sporty of people, but (this is a big but) if I remember I will try to log my weight at the beginning of the month in my very spanking new diary I brought last week for blogging notes, my life, work and also my weight. I guess you can say it is a 'Bridget Jones Diary'

 Hopefully I will start to loose a little bit of excess fat and tone up soon.

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